Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas ramblings...........

Yesterday I had 2 of my grandsons and bff over to decorate Christmas cut outs. I baked (note that I did NOT roll & cut out) and frosted them. This year the boys (5 & 6) did pretty good, they both used too much sugar but my floor remained sugar free:-) It was a good time!

Since St Nick came last night I was getting together the kids ornaments..........I found perfect ones for them.........but now I can't find them! :-( I looked all over..........and am so mad! Looks like I will be buying some (for the ones I don't have ornaments for) and hoping I find the ones for the boys before Christmas is over. I HAVE TO, HAVE TO get organized and clean up here.

Besides having the holidays to prepare for I have my annual DR appt and mammogram this week. I will have to get those rescheduled for Jan. next year.

to do list:
wrap gifts
shop (I do have most of the grandkids done)
attend Christmas programs :-) 2 require almost 2 hours of driving and I will go
(weather permitting - it all depends on our winter weather)
write Christmas letter
stamp & mail cards
put up tree
decorate - we are doing our nativity scene display (J and I)

*^@#&>+#!^_>%$$%*( Now I am depressed.....on second thought I will take it one day, one task at a time.

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  1. I assume you are coming this way for a Christmas program?What day is it? I wish Logan's concert was not at night(tonight) all the time.You coudl see Logan play then.Maybe some day.