Monday, December 13, 2010

THE blizzard of 2010

One week ago we had green (tho dead) grass and bare we have 1-1/2' of snow. We received 3" mid week and about 13" from Saturday night until Sunday morning. It was snowing and blowing A LOT. According to hubby (who spent over 5 hours shovelling/snow blowing) it was wet and heavy sh**. He couldn't even get our back door open to get out, grandson J suggested the patio door and that is what he used and J had to use when his other grandpa picked him up. The windows were full of snow so we could not see outside. We live on a corner, so he has 2 sidewalks to clear plus the neighbor's (2 houses away). She is in an assisted living facility now and he checks on the house and parks his truck in her garage. We have 3 vehicles and can only (barely) fit 2 in our garage. Many people were w/o power for several hours, we were out for a little over an hour after I was in bed. I have the neatest alarm clock that resets itself when the power comes back on. :-) The area schools are closed, some have a 2 hour delay. The interstate roads are ice covered and slippery so it doesn't look like I am driving to watch my grandkids Christmas program.
We got a new washer on Saturday and the jury is still out. It's a Maytag so it must be good.
What I like: a real energy saver, a 2nd rinse is optional.
What is different: it doesn't agitate....I like watching my clothes wash (weird???) I know. I have to use a Downy ball for softener......I had to ask J's other grandpa how to use it b/c I couldn't figure out how to. This machine weighs the clothes, you don't set the load size/water level. The lid locks down so if you want to add more clothes you have to unlock it and then start it again.
Since my DR said I have to watch what I eat I have decided to get away from my bff's habit of eating cookies for breakfast (I am a copycat). Now I have Nutella on whole wheat toast, not sure if that is any better. Have you tried it? like it? I am the only one I know who likes it.
We have decided to limp our furnace through the winter b/c we can't afford it now. This has been a bad year (financially) for us b/c hubby was laid off 1/2 the time. Buying a new washer & dryer wasn't in our budget either, but we had to have one. At $1.50 per wash load I can't afford the laundromat. And now my microwave has decided it's too 'tired' to rotate. I will just deal with that.
Hmmmm....I have physical therapy at 10.....I suppose they will be open then. It's only about 5 miles away but I am not looking forward to getting out. I stayed inside all day yesterday.

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