Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"worst couple of days ever"

When my grandson gets mad at something here he'll tell me it's the 'worst day ever'.

The past week has been like that for me:
We need a new furnace.
Monday my washer (purchased in '96) decided to make a funny noise and quit doing anything but filling with water and draining. I had to wring a load of towels out by hand. hmmmm.....
I got stopped for speeding and given a written warning. If no cars are in front of me I seem to try to catch up to the 'pack'. I knew what I was doing but didn't slow down in time. :-(
My annual check up was Monday too......I have to lose weight or will be diabetic, Dr wants me on cholesterol medication, and is sending me to physical therapy for my latest back problems. Guess that is good, sometimes I just get spasms and I wake up every night in such pain (must be how I sleep).

Now I'll change the subject:
I had some time to kill last night before our Red Hat Christmas party so stopped at the library to find some books on soap making. I hope to make soap with J for Christmas (for his parents and big brother)....anyway our library loans ereader for a week. If you live in a larger city you might want to see if your library does that. It would be a good chance to try one out.

Looks like I will be able to make it to all of my grandkids Christmas programs this year :-)

I haven't been able to check anything off my to do list yet; I worked Tuesday & Wednesday and am gone both nights too.

Remember the real reason for Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour!!!

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  1. And "it came to pass" ... it didn't come to stay! It will get better!