Monday, December 27, 2010

From my soapbox

Am I becoming a scrooge? or do I make any sense?

We just celebrated Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior......does anyone who doesn't believe know what this holiday is that they are celebrating? Do they think someone just picked a day in the middle of winter to be one of the 2 biggest holidays???

And then there are all the excesses: food (I succumb to that), decorations (I like to look, but not compete), the competitions- the most Christmas cards (OK, I participate in that), the best parties (ho hum), and my most hated competition-gifts.

Oh, I love to shop and give things to people (just ask the mothers of my grandchildren), but I get excited about finding something nice & needed at the thrift store, garage sale, or even from Freecycle. What REALLY irritates me is the extreme over abundance of gifts to kids! Case in point: parents complain that kids have too many toys, when asked what they need mom says "I don't know", kids receive many gifts from mom & dad, Santa, grandparents on both sides, aunts, uncles, and then more Santa gifts from grandma & grandpa. The kids just tear through all the gift and their parents don't even see what they receive. The kids get cash and are allowed to spend it......maybe I am just too controlling, but.....what in the world can the young (under 8) kids need to buy???? What is wrong with a savings account? You can bet the farm that in a month mom & dad will be complaining that things are broken, parts missing, and not put away. Isn't the excessive gift giving teaching them to be greedy and not appreciate things?

Parents struggle to make ends meet and the grandparents have a tuff time with payments too.... what is wrong with this picture??? Am I weird in thinking that life's basic needs should come first (home, utilities, clothing, food)? Is it wrong to live within your means and cut back on what you can? Eat hamburger instead of steak; shop for kids clothes at clearance sales (buy sizes ahead) and thrift stores: it's not the amount of the gifts, it's the thoughtfulness; find free things to do with your family; if your child's current winter boots fit and zipper works - don't replace it; use what you have if works!!! Do kids really need the latest technology???

Am I nuts or just using common sense? Did I make some enemies? Well, think about you need all this stuff??? Do you have money to throw away??? Do you have funds set aside for an emergency and your future? Do you believe what the major retailers want us to believe? that Christmas is all about who gets the most gifts??? I don't!!!

Thanks for letting me rant & rave. I was awake 1/2 the night just stewing over this....hopefully I will be able to get on with my day now....a mammogram and physical therapy. oh joy! NOT

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  1. I hear you on your soapbox and agree. I love your caricature!