Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturdays great deals!!!

Yesterday my bff & I decided to save some $ at Penney's with her discounts and hubby's credit card. I found 4 clock kits (digital watches and regular clocks-Spider man, Hulk, etc) for the boys. Original price $25.00, marked down to $4.97, but with her discount I paid $2.66. :-)!!! I should have tired on the dress I liked but I had forgotten about her 55% discount when I was looking at it.

Then we went to Goodwill and I found.........drumroll...........NEW BIRKENSTOCKS for my sister in law for $7.99. I HAD to buy them and find someone who could wear them. Fortunately, for me, someone did not know what they were. They are really cute, blue with 'rhinestone' buckles, too bad they were not my size. I also got some .99 stickers, etc there for card making/scrapbooking.

After I got home my grandson came over with the terrible cough he can not get rid of. He coughed so had last night he threw up twice. He also felt like he had a fever last night. We are not going to church or Sunday school today. After I tried the ol' 'triple threat' he seems to be sleeping good. The triple threat is: cough medicine, Vicks on the soles of feet, and on his chest. Of course I had to wait until he was asleep before I could remove his socks, Vicks him up, and put socks back on.

I got an email last night stating that hubby arrived safely in Bangkok. :-)

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  1. What a deal! We have a Birkenstock shoe store in Solvang...they are expensive...good quality shoes though!
    Sounds like you and Deb had a great time!