Friday, March 19, 2010


Yesterday was GORGEOUS!!! Sunny and temps in the low 60's. I ran some errands in the morning, stopped at my first garage sale of the season, and did not have my grandson in the afternoon so when I got home I got my book (for book club), pulled out a chair and read on my deck for nearly 2 hours. That is heaven for me :-)!

Later in the afternoon when hubby got home from running his errands (in our little convertible) we went for a short ride around town. It was so nice just to ride with the top down in the fresh air.

I am glad I got to enjoy the warmth and sunshine because it is over, temps will be back to normal, with maybe some rain/snow this weekend.

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  1. I miss getting updated e-mails from you.I am not in the habit of coming here regularly.I must do that.LOL.I would if I blogged but I lead a boring life as YOU know.