Monday, March 1, 2010

A new week, a new adventure

What will this work week bring??? I wonder........... As far as I know no one has been hired to replace the gal who just quit (she was hired in May 2009). It's Monday morning and I can not work. I guess it will be a surprise when I go in tomorrow. I can handle all aspects of the jobs involved, just can't work everyday since I babysit 2 afternoons per week.
In about 2-1/2 weeks I'll be on my way to Naples, Fl. woo hoo!!!! I am getting excited. I was so proud of myself, I've been staying out of the stores since the holidays and had all my bills caught up.......but.........saturday I shopped at Community Day (Younkers - great sales) and yesterday I stopped at Goodwill. (I did get a really nice pair of jeans). Soon I will have to try on clothes to see if any of my capris fit and figure out what to pack.
This morning I am off to read to the 4K class and then bring my grandson home. I'm getting my hair cut in the afternoon and have to go grocery shopping (the dreaded weekly ordeal). Hubby is off this week so he can watch J.
Tuesday I work and have a Red Hat meeting at night.
Wednesday I work.
Thursday I babysit in the afternoon.
Friday I am working again. After work I'm getting a massage. :-)
My week in a nut shell. If I squeeze anything creative in I'll try to post it.

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