Friday, March 5, 2010

It's liver & onions for me

Tuesday night, at our Red Hat meeting, I was saying that I wished hubby was going on the golfing trip today (with his brother and former brother in law) so I could make liver & onions for myself. Guess what? Hubby called me at work yesterday (this occurs only twice a year) and told me that work called him and he might be gone by the time I got home with my grandson in the afternoon. He said he and Mike had to go to Thailand to make a pipe repair......I was sure he was kidding me......but NO! It was true. A flight was finally obtained from Chicago to Bangkok today at noon. So hubby just left in the limo. He is scheduled to leave Thailand on the 10th, but I won't bet any money on that.

I am leaving on the 18th for a week in Naples, Fl. woo hoo!!!! Although it hasn't been too bad here, we've had some sun and 35-40 degree days. The snow is going.......... :-)

I still have an awful cough. Sometimes I cough so hard I can hardly catch my breath. My grandsons have given it to everyone. Hubby said he felt like sh** this morning :-( He even took some Tylenol before he left (he never takes pills either).

This weekend will be like every other weekend: Grandson will spend the night Saturday and we'll go to church and Sunday school in the morning (if we feel good enough and get some sleep). Sunday I will have the evening to myself.

Monday morning I will work for 3 hours and meet the new gal who is starting then. Wish me luck with training the new, educated & experienced & younger person who intimidates me already. At 11 I pick up my grandson. .........the routine starts all over again.

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