Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monday, Monday (postscript to yesterday's post)

Yesterday ended up being 'take your kid to work' day for me. Just after I got out of a nice relaxing bath at 8AM one of my bosses called and asked if I was coming in to do payroll. I had to think b/c I was suppose to be at the school at 9:20 to read to the 4K class. After some brainstorming it was decided that I'd bring J with me while I did the payroll. He's a good kid, I just packed a backpack for him with some activities and he colored and looked at books and his new Pokemon cards. I got those at Goodwill Sunday (1/2 price). One time he came over to me and asked "Does this say spore?" and it did. :-) He is not 5 yet and IS ready to read, in fact he can read the words we work on here.
Since he behaved very well at work (1 hour) we had lunch at McDonald's, then stopped at the library. Grandpa watched him while I got my hair cut, short, very short. Well, I AM going to Florida in 17 days!
While I was in his classroom I discovered why I am always a 'little' late for circle time (free play). I get there about 9:20 and it is really starts at 8:45. :-0 I guess I will be on time for the last 2 months of the school year.

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