Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Report

I am soooo excited!!! Hubby bought me a laptop for Christmas, I never, ever expected one! I've wanted one but figured it was an unnecessary item. I don't have a wireless connection set up yet....wish me luck! I received other nice gifts from family and friends, one special thing is always the photo calender my daughter makes for us. My mom & I look for that gift. I think I am over wanting to get gifts, I will never turn them down but I don't expect anything. To be honest I love giving gifts. What makes Christmas for me is watching the kids open gifts. I have 8 grandkids, ranging in ages from 9 down to 16 mos.....good ages for a bit, but the teen years are close by. Christmas Eve the kids & grandkids that live nearby attended church with me. After that we had our traditional evening with extended family at great-grandmas. Christmas day the kids & grandkids (ages 16 mos, 4 & 5) came over here to open gifts after we made breakfast. Everyone was gone by 2, and Kevin & enjoyed the quiet afternoon. The day after Christmas we got more snow. I did a little shopping (I had to use my "$10 off on anything over $10" coupon). Sunday we had an open house......a few friends and family members came over. Yesterday my bff & I went for lunch and hit the thrift shops, I picked up a case for my laptop, cordless phone with caller ID for upstairs, and some misc items. Last night we stopped at my sister in laws and had a nice visit with some of hubby's siblings. Tomorrow I have to work (my one day this week-next week my schedule is back to normal). We've been invited to a couple of family gatherings this weekend.....this is out of the realm of our normally quiet (very quiet) social life.

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  1. Congrats on the laptop!Now whenever your back gives you grief,you can snuggle up with your laptop.That is the only reason why I have one,slower(need a bigger hard drive) but better than nothing when I am laid up.