Thursday, December 3, 2009

First snowfall

Today, Dec 3, I woke up to see a tiny bit of snow on the ground. No, I don't have a photo.....we've seen plenty of snow here and this is not photo worthy. The sidewalks are bare.....why can't the snow always fall like that??? I guess winter has to come eventually, we've had a very mild fall.
Busy week here: Monday I had a dr appt. then babysat all afternoon for my grandson. HE asks to go to the thrift store every time I have him. Monday he found a toy drum....he asked mom if he could take it home. "Absolutely not" was her reply...which is what I anticipated. That's ok. Tuesday I had to work and our Red Hat Christmas party was in the evening. We had a great time! Wednesday I worked again and babysat at night. Today I am off to the dermatologist, babysitting in the afternoon, putting together and mailing out St Nicks packages for some of my grand kids, and taking a fused glass pendant class in the evening. Friday I am working and doing NOTHING at night!! Saturday I need to stop at the phone company and see about getting a different cell phone, then help with babysitting at church, late in the afternoon 2 grandsons are coming over to decorate cookies, and J will spend the night. Sunday we'll attend church and Sunday school. Monday I help out at the 4K class and bring J home with me again.
Geez............I need a break. Thanks for reading and letting me vent. LOL

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  1. One busy, busy lady! Can you believe it, St Nicks is right around the corner? See you, tonight...I'm looking forward to this, and I don't even know what it is we'll be