Friday, December 18, 2009

from the Home of the Walking Disaster

Yup, that's me.......I make a mess in whatever space I enter. I take that back, I cleaned the laundry room today. Ok, it doesn't really look that clean, but the pile of paper will be gone and the counter will be visible again after I wrap presents. I am FINALLY getting around to putting up a few tree yet tho. Hubby needs to bring in our artificial one for me. Since I am pulling boxes out, piling them up, and moving things from one area into the next so I can decorate I create huge messes all over. I had the kitchen table all cleaned up 2 days ago....well now there is no where to eat again. :-( I have the rest of the afternoon, this evening, and most of tomorrow to accomplish something. Sunday I'm going to my son's to watch the grandkids Christmas program at church.

This morning I eked out some time to have 'coffee' with a friend. Kathy is so good for my ego. We only live about 15 miles apart but only see each other a few times a year. I have a special attachment for her b/c she took me to my first Christian retreat. :-) We stopped at the thrift store.......I got some bargains: a brand new GB Packer ornament for hubby, large glass jar for storing crafting stuff, small 3 drawer crafting 'box', anther brand new little gift for someone, brand new roll of wide red Offray ribbon, and new colored tissue paper all for $4.99. Woo Hoo! Then we went to the Honey Pot for coffee and we each found the gift we were looking for, then we were able to sit and play catch up. I showed off the washer pendants that I made and she was duly impressed. *wink* (she liked them, of course) (I'll post photos later) It was a nice morning.

Back to work for me..........gotta make this place look like Christmas in less than a week. My step daughter and her family are coming on Christmas Eve, both kids and the grandkids will be here Christmas day, and we're having everyone (who is willing to come over) here on the 27th.

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  1. Sounds like a very pleasant and eventful day. It's always great to spend time with those we don't get to see as often as we'd like to. But, the funny thing is when they are very close to us, it feels like you were never apart.