Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fused glass class

Wowieeeeeeee! We had a fabulous time making fused glass pendants tonight. A local artist held the class in her studio, a beautiful studio!!! Next week when I get my pendant back I will post a don't forget to come back. Amy has a lot of neat classes that I'd love to take, I have to pace myself costs me $ to hold onto the creative shirttails of an artist. LOL Next week we are making pendant washers. Shelly makes beautiful pendants out of ordinary washers. I'll be posting photos of that too (I hope). If you want to see her work here is her blog.

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  1. Thanks, Linda, for you and Debbie inviting me to come to the Fused Glass Pendant Class. I am sooo glad I came, it was sooo much fun! Amy does have a fabulous studio!