Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sleuthing, Shopping, And Sand

Yes, I'm still here , a little sad because of my health , and a little sleepy , because I can't fall asleep at night . If I'm still awake late at night , or if I wake up for an hour or two in the wee hours of the morning and I get up before 8 o'clock a.m. I'm so tired , that shortly after supper  I  go upstairs and go to bed to watch TV . That's usually not me. I'm kinda disgusted with myself because I can't get any housework or much of anything else done. Seems like for the past week I am more tired. 
 But I have been busy ! Thursday morning I had a 2 hour coffee break with a friend that I don't see often. Her son is not speaking to her right now and he has a storefront three doors away from the coffee shop , he doesn't know me, so she asked me to walk  past the store and look inside to see what he was painting. He is an artist. So I slowly walked up the street and looked inside the store , and then I waited for a few minutes and walked back . I didn't want to be obvious so I just glanced up on the way back. Then my morning was shot, because I didn't get home until afternoon .
 Friday afternoon I went shopping with a friend to buy some things that I will probably have to return . At least this time I got to go to a real store not only just a thrift store , that was really nice to get out and check out the new clothes, even though I don't need anything.
 Saturday night I went to an out-of-town wedding with another friend . We were 2 miles away from our destination when she got a phone call from her brother-in-law , and he said we should pull over to the side of the road so he could talk to her . We both knew what he was going to say by that time , Her sister passed away that afternoon. She was bedridden and barely had a life , but it was still so very sad for Michele. The wedding celebration was bittersweet, as you can imagine . Michelle got to talk to a good friend whom she hadn't seen in a couple of years and the food was excellent, but she was still really upset about losing her sister and had to explain  many people.
And Sunday I attended the famous Kites over Lake Michigan, along with 40,000 other people. Ok, a good amount of folds were there on saturday too, but that was the total attendance.
It's a GREAT festival and I love it!!!
My stepson and stepdaughter were able to go, along with their children. The weather was perfect. 

Dad and 2 of the boys built a sandcastle. It's so good to see dad play with the boys. 

The other 2 cousins played in the water, a lot.
I really enjoy sitting on the beach and watching the kiddos. I didn't get to do that this summer.  

There are many more kite photos online....these are just mine.
Our little group.

Let me see, when I got home my shoes were FULL of sand. I had to wash towels and swimsuits.....because mom never sends that stuff, and my trunk is still full of toys/kites. Sunday we are heading to that same park to have a small birthday gathering for our 6 year old grandson. 
Last monday I was happy to spend some time at home....until Kev and I went shopping and to dinner.
Tuesday I went grocery shopping and ran my errands. That night was our Red Hat was nice, a small group and we had a short meeting and visited.
Wednesday morning my 'nurse' came over. Later I took a class and made Christmas cards....well, they are almost finished. 
Today I made zucchini bread...that fell, why???  Tonight I have 2 baskets of clothes to fold....I'm a little behind. 
 How has your week been???


  1. You still managed to accomplish a good bit. What is even better? You spent some quality time with people you love and who love you! There's always things to do but you chose to spend most of your energy and time with them! You are a wise woman......
    Continued daily prayers from Texas.....

  2. Sounds like you have a good reason tp be tired! You did a lot! Lots of fun with family and friends too! The kite festival sounds so awesome! Have a great weekend. :)

  3. You must be exhausted.....but goodness look how much you did and accomplished. I got tired just reading and watching you run around. Have a great weekend.

  4. I get tired reading your post! You did a lot last week! Looking forward to Sunday and Tuesday activities!

  5. My goodness!!! For being 'sick' and 'tired' you have certainly been BUSY. That is awful about the death news on the way to a wedding. I had the same thing happen with my mom...but I didn't tell anyone at the wedding because I didn't want to put a damper on the day. She had been sick a long time, too...and lived 1200 miles away from me.

    Glad to see you are doing things and keeping busy. I know cancer is ever present in your mind but you are pushing yourself to do all you can do as best you can. Living life to the fullest, I think!

    God bless you- you are in my prayers- xo Diana