Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Camp Luther Weekend Away

This was the week we planned a 3 day bus trip to Prairie  Du Chien and Dubuque IA.... a Red Hat trip that was cancelled. I wanted to go away.......I had plans...........I Like to keep my plans.
My friend, who was going on the trip with me, couldn't go on the weekend. I found another friend to go with me. Deb and I have gone several time so she is familiar. But she doesn't like to drive so that adds stress.

Maybe I shouldn't have gone: I have a sinus infection and cough, I was feeling very down (for a number of reasons), diarrhea is no fun, my cancer is terminal and has curtailed many of my activities, the chemo drugs make my stomach feel 'icky', etc.....
Three Lakes, Wi is a long drive, but I enjoy it. Of course we made a couple of 'potty stops' on the way (thank God for indoor bathrooms and extra undies). We had lunch at our usual place....I think we are getting old, no one played the quarter gambling machine. Next we stopped to see an 'old' friend of mine, whom I haven't seen in years. That was a very emotional time.......so much of our lives were parallel, we had such fun and sad times. Will I see Marian again???
Drive, drive onto Antigo and to J&P Liquidators, where we made our usual shopping stop - altho much shorter than usual.
We made it to camp, early, as planned, Found our room and settled in. I just vegged under the covers, this time of year may be nice for most people- no humidity and heat, but I am COLD. I chased Deb out of the room with my coughing fits and blowing my nose. I did not attend the evening events, just did not feel good. Friday night sleep did not come easily.
After saturday's breakfast we had Bible study, Bible journaling- I loved it. I was taught not to wreck my Bible, don't bend or mark the pages but now we can color on and write in the margins. I have no artistic tendencies but I like to look at it and pretend I can do it. For the rest of the day I stayed on my own; talked to a few other  retreat goers, had a massage, read, spent time in my room, and sat by the water watching the kids swim...........yes, they were in the water-too cool for me....I was sitting in the sun. I did the Bible study at night but did not watch the movie....I'd seen it and was tired so I stayed in my room. Saturday night I slept really good, but had a terrible sore throat upon waking. 
We had Bible study and secret sister reveal on Sunday morning. And then we were on our way home on a rainy day.
I had some nice talks with camp friends I met in previous years (so nice to see them), shed some tears, had some bathroom mishaps, learned about Bible journaling, etc. All in all I am glad I went.


  1. Hi Linda, I,ve had you in my thoughts and prayers. I am glad you found a traveling pal to go with you. It is cooler here. I were sweaters...cause I get cold. I did not know your cancer was terminal..I knew you had treatments and then got it back...I am so sorry. I have considered you my friend thru our blogs..I wish I could do something. Being helpless, it's hard to know what to say even.I wish you blessings and time...time to be with your families and loved ones. Love you, xoxo, Susie

  2. It is good that you and Deb went on the retreat! Sorry that you aren't feeling so good. I will be praying for you this week. I think you should enjoy each day and have a treat when you feel like it :)

  3. Linda, I love you and have been praying for you on a regular basis.....terminal? I had a dear friend with terminal breast cancer. She and a friend and I met for lunch one day and she told us the 'bad' news. I am sorry to say I did not respond in a truthful manner and have regretted it ever since. She wanted a friend or two that she could talk to honestly....and I and my next door neighbor - we had been neighbors to our friend for years and had taken food in twice weekly for months and months - and we failed to 'be there' for our friend. Instead we were in the land of 'denial' which did nothing to help Connie Jennings....our sweet friend and neighbor. If you ever want to vent, speak, spout or whatever......please feel free to email or message me. My email is on my blog page. I may be where you are someday. We are all in this together. Love you and continued prayers.....

  4. I am glad that we went to Camp Luther. It was good for both of us, for different reasons. I always pray for you and hope you are having a better week!
    Hugs (even though you aren't a hugger),

  5. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.