Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Book, Bingo, My Back, Baking, Bruises

This is a great book! I would not chosen it on my own, thinking "it's too sad'. It was recommended by one of our members. I am so glad. Until twelve years old Martin was a 'normal' boy. He got sick and no one knew what was wrong, he couldn't talk, eat, or control his limbs....very frustrating. For nine years he just sits in a chair wherever his is placed. He's deemed to be on the lowest end of of the intelligence/rehabilitation scale. Finally he sees flashes of light of his past life and knowledge just appears to him. One of the workers, at the home he spends his days in , takes notice of him, of his eye contact, and she wants to have him tested.
He's tested for the ability to communicate and it is determined that he has the ability. He's outfitted with a word/letter board and finally a laptop. He spells words, learns words and their meaning, he learns to 'speak' the laptop application. Martin works for hours at learning. He studies, works part time, gives speeches, travels, etc. He faced the struggles of every young man, only at an older age. Eventually he works full time and marries.

Another interesting fact is that, although he was not raised a christian or church goer, he knows Jesus and talks to him. How can  you not believe???
Last night I went to bingo with a friend.....no one at our end of the table won, but it was a nice group. If I go again I'll have to get a dauber, maybe a pretty metallic one???
All day yesterday my back was so sore, I didn't do anything to it. (sad face) The day started out good, with a call from my son.
I couldn't bend over to pick anything up and I could barely stand up straight when I walked. I was hoping my errands and walking would help, but no. I tried to sleep on my other side last night and today it is better. Cancer? or normal everyday pain? maybe I should go back to the chair yoga at the senior center.
I feel like I cough more.....is it a cold? cancer? Yes, this is how we think.
I am not really a big pumpkin fan but I want some pumpkin bread, I think I have all the ingredients here, I just took my last loaf of chocolate zucchini bread out of the freezer. I know I should flush all of my sugar down the toilet. (cancer loves it)
I've noticed a few light bruises lately.... I've NEVER bruised before unless I really got hit.What is that about?
Friday morning I am leaving for a Christian retreat: "Live, Laugh, Love". It's in Three Lakes, a couple of hours up north. We've gone before and always enjoy it. This is the first year I am not driving. (sad face) 
I guess I need to do some laundry and start packing.
Thanks for checking in with me................what's next?


  1. Enjoy your weekend!!! As for thinking of you, now I am worrying.(not that I don't every day!) I have to figure out, how I am going to get over to you see, when/if this cold/cough goes away.(feels like the same thing I had last year that lasted 3 MONTHS!)

  2. I will have to pick that book up, sounds inspiring! Enjoy your day dear friend. Sending hugs and prayers your way!

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  4. I wish for the best with your health☺ Yes, please flush sugar down the toilet♥
    Enjoy the retreat♥