Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This Is How I Wrap Gifts

I really don't like it when someone picks up a wrapped gift and knows exactly what it is. I like surprises. I never put the gifts under the tree ahead of time. One year I even numbered the gifts instead of putting the kids names on.......Jessica said she hated that idea. 
The grands are getting older and harder to buy gifts gift cards or cash is looking better and better. I still wanted to give them something to open. My 14 year old grandson likes salsa so I got him 2 different kinds to try. I wanted to try something different with the cash so I taped it all together, starting with singles and taped it to one of the jars.

Cole is tall, 6' or darn near that tall.
Hope he enjoys the cash and got all the tape off.

Aluminum cans are another great way to throw the recipient off the track. 
*first you need one with a pop top.....they don't all work though, make sure it does not have a rounded bottom (at least they didn't work for me)
*open the can on the bottom, but do NOT take the bottom totally off and don't bend it too much
*wash can (self evident, but???)
*put gift in can (I had cash and a memory card in the ones I did)
*hot glue the bottom back on (much easier if it not bent too much)
*make sure the recipient opens it from the pop top

What do you think in in these???
The smaller one had 2 bills and a card in it. It was so light and didn't rattle so it felt empty.

Our 11 year old granddaughter is growing up....she wanted mascara for Christmas, mom isn't quite ready for that. She did find some clear mascara for her. did give me an idea.....a sample size mascara.... she was unable to get one. I, on the other hand, was able to get a sample for Ava. How to wrap it? Cut about 3" off the end of an empty wrapping paper roll and wrap like a popper. I had to wrap the mascara with tissue so it didn't rattle around inside the tube. She was really pleased to find the mascara.

 We did have one near mishap when opening gifts. I forget that young children rip open or just grab things out of the bag and we did have to dig through the garbage to find an envelope with gift cards for one little girl. Thank goodness mom spoke up.

Do you have any unique wrapping ideas?


  1. You are so clever!!! I take it you are feeling better!!
    God bless you this year of 2015!

  2. I like the money idea! I gave my two nephews money this year as well. I got a variety of bills and rolled each one up and tieLove the can idea too...tricky! I have wrapped things like a popper before. I love creative gift wrapping! Have a happy Friday!

  3. I would love a gift wrapped in money!...LOL