Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Musings

It's almost Christmas and it doesn't seem like it to me.....probably b/c I didn't do much decorating or many other preparations. We do have a small tree up and I put up the Christmas cards. The floor under the tree is not covered with gifts, nor will it be. I did buy 1 or 2 small gifts for the grandchildren but nothing for the adults. Everybody is cutting back so I will too.....that and the fact that I didn't feel good most of the fall and stayed home.
Friday I went to one of my granddaughter's Christmas concert, the last one for me this season. Love seeing the children sing! I met my daughter and the other grandma for lunch. We had a nice visit, I seldom get to visit with Bev.
I was about 1/2 to my destination and I realized that I had not changed the battery in my life-vest (it is supposed to be changed once a day at the same time, I chose mornings) and I was not sure how long the battery would last. I knew it would be good for a while.....but until I got home? I figured that I went several months w/o one so a few hours would be OK.....hopefully. It was after 6pm when I got home and it was still going strong-32 hours later.

Claire is the girl in the red dress with the 'furry' headband and toothless smile. She was sure to smile every time we aimed the camera at her. I wish I would have taken a photo when they all were waving their snow flakes in the air, all the classes from kindergarten to grade 4. The gym floor was filled with chairs and the one side of the bleachers (reserved for guests) was filled too. They have a morning performance and afternoon.....good turn outs every time.

On the way home I stopped in Appleton at Target and hoped to finish my shopping...didn't happen. I did learn that if I am going to be gone during meal time that I should bring some kind of low sodium snack.....I can't just stop at a fast food place and get a bite. Monday I have a doctor appointment and will finish shopping then.
When I got home I found grandson J watching TV, he's staying all weekend. It's nice to have a 9 year old, he got up by himself and came downstairs.....and came up later to wake me up....but he forgot it was saturday I could have slept in big deal. We had a very lazy morning and didn't get dressed until about noon. After lunch we went downstairs so he could make a Christmas card. I should have continued cleaning up down there (I did a little earlier in the week) but I just sat and visited with him.I don't think I will get much done this weekend, what else is new???
Jon (my life vest) has been quiet, not  a peep out of him. I'm happy! I am surviving carrying it around  all day and sleeping with it on.
Can you believe Christmas is next week? Jalen let out a "WHOOPEE" when he learned today was the 20th. I'll do a little shopping and a little cleaning and what happens happens. Christmas Eve I will go to church and then to my bffs, Christmas day Kevin's kids and the grands will be here. Either Saturday or Sunday my daughter and her family are coming. The week will go fast.
Have a great one!!!

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  1. A different kind of Christmas for you, but Christ is with us all year long! It will be so wonderful to celebrate with family and friends! Love Claire's headband! You are so blessed to have so many grandchildren!