Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I love to decorate for Christmas and have tons of decorations packed away in boxes in our basement. I have enough ornaments to decorate at least 3 trees, and alternate trees every year. I have movable figures, I have Santas (I collect them), I have about a dozen Nativity sets, you'll find 2 or 3 boxes of items for a village scene and more decorations. This year is going to be very low key for us.......Kev does not get into any holidays or decorating....I do it all. I just don't have the energy this's hard enough to dig out my boxes when I am healthy.....but now.....not going to happen.
On Sunday grandson J and I decorated this little 3' tree. Today I added some finishing touches.

Here's our little tree.
I'm happy, I still have a tree and it didn't take much effort on my part. 
the only Nativity I could easily get at is grandson J's that he received for Christmas when he was very little. He was so excited when he opened his very own "activity set" that year. He was always able to play with it it if he wanted to.
My letters keep falling it says ACE.....soon I will take it all down. 

Christmas cards weren't even on my to do list but since I found so many leftover from last year I had plenty to mail out and did that yesterday. I think that is the earliest I have ever mailed my cards. 
My grands are generally getting gift cards or cash. I do need to buy a few small gifts for some of the children. Shopping is hard work so I won't be doing a lot of it. I am not exchanging gifts with my friends like I usually do. I doubt if any of my adult family members will be getting gifts from me either. I hope they will understand. 


  1. You KNOW they will all understand, Linda. You have been through SOOOO much this past year. I am glad that at least you have a little tree up to give yourself a bit of Christmas spirit. That is good. I still don't have a single Christmas decoration up this year and may not do much of it at all. I have had a long early winter so far but NOTHING compared to what you have been through. It is wonderful to see a post from you here today. xo Diana

  2. Sweet Linda, they will all understand. Your tree and ornaments are lovely. I didn't do a tree this year in our small apartment. But I did buy to large poinsettias and have splashes of red everywhere. Each year is different. Sending blessing for a joyful Christmas.

  3. Like you, I didn't do much decorating this year. While I wanted to, I just didn't have the energy. I don't think people realize how devastating Breast Cancer is to not only our self esteem, but also our every day lives. Praying for you daily. I feel like we're sisters who've never met :) God bless you my sweet friend!

  4. Dear Linda, The holidays are about family and the gift is the love that each brings.
    Your tree is lovely. Blessings and you are in my prayers. Catherine xo

  5. Hi Linda, So good you have your little tree. You can enjoy it . I like to sit in the mornings or evening with the lights on the tree and enjoy looking at it. Makes me feel happy. I do not go all out like before. I do what I can. I did not get a couple totes out this year. People will surely understand you don't have the energy you had . Just enjoy it all . Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Nice purse that you bought! It seems that a few of us bloggers are putting up less this year for Christmas. I like the size of your tree! Thank you for the Christmas card :)

  7. Your little tree is just beautiful.I'm sure your family & friends will be understanding. They all know what a year you have had. I'm sure they are all just happy to have you here with them. That is the greatest gift! Have a blessed rest of the week...:)

    Hugs and Prayers, Vicky

  8. Your tree is so sweet, as is the particular nativity you're using. About gift giving or not, like everyone has already said, your friends and family understand what's going on for you.

  9. I thought that was J's "activity." I wish I could find one for Mackenzie.