Thursday, December 11, 2014

Chemo Side Effect - Bad, Ugly, MIssing Fingernails

While I was on chemo this summer my fingers grew really long because I wasn't doing much. I polished them and took advantage. Then I was supposed to have surgery so I took off the nail polish. Now what do I see?
The nails are separating from the nail that the right terminology? 
The top, white part is starting to come off and I will be left with a teeny, tiny fingernail.
That thumb nail came off yesterday.

See the tiny nail on my pinky?
No, it didn't hurt.....I was afraid of that.
I also just lost the nail on my middle finger.

Did you notice the V shape on the nail below? The one next to it has a weird shape too. Oh, I can't wait to have 10 teensy, weeny little nails. NOT! Will they grow back and look normal?

BTW my toenails are the same.

No fancy nails for me this holiday season.


  1. I hope they will grow back and you can have fancy ones soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Poor girl! It''s the external that we see that really drives us nuts, isn't it?
    Make sure you keep your nails super clean and moisturize your cuticles because they can become brittle, too. Your nails will grow back. It can take about 6 months. They may have a few ridges, etc., but they will eventually even out. You just need to be careful to not get infection in your fingers when those nails come off-so make sure they don't tear. Clip them down as tight as you can to prevent tearing.
    God bless you, Linda. You have sure been through a lot! xo Diana

  3. I think they will grow back even more lovely and long. You are such a trooper, and I love you for it. Blessings for a colorful Christmas....without colorful nails.

  4. Like Diana said, keep your fingers and nails clean and well moisturized. I have been using No-Crack and it has helped me a lot! My cuticles always crack this time of year as well as my finger tips. No one will notice your nails. They will just be glad that you are HERE!

  5. Poor thing! The cancer hits just keep on coming don't they? Next year is going to be a better year for both of us!!! Let's start praying that now anyway! Hang in there, Linda. You've been through so much already and you've proven that you are strong even when your nails are very brittle and weak!

  6. Bless you for educating us! I have learned so much from you. Instead of hiding it, you just put it out there and tell us all about it. It makes it easier to sympathize with someone if something like your nails are noticed on someone else. Thank you.

  7. They will grow back it just takes a long time. .. mine look mostly normal now