Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Photos

Let's see if I can do this right tonight.....last night I had my posted almost completed and somehow I deleted it....nothing was saved at all. (insert sad face)
Christmas eve my 10 year old grandson attended church with me, 9 year old Jalen sang with the choir. The last song we always sing is Silent Night by candlelight. As you can see below it's a beautiful way to end the service.

Our Christmas celebrations consisted of several small family gatherings. 
As tradition indicates we spent that evening at my BFF's (with Kev's first wife's family).  Grandson J was delighted to receive a scrapbook and some embellishments to go with it.

Here we are with the story he wrote about me "My Grandmas Is Very Generous". It was an assignment (not that particular title) for school and his teacher let him print a 2nd copy to give to me. He also made an ornament for his mom and me. 
 Jalen's older and younger brothers.

On Christmas Day we had Kevin's 2 children and the grandchildren over. A couple other friends/family stopped over for a bit also.
 The pic is rather dark, but our youngest granddaughter is adorable in her new Elsa baseball cap.

Jalen made his dad a 'name poem' for Christmas. His older brother made dad a coupon book. What parent doesn't like a homemade, personalized gift??? 

Grandpa helping the boys with the Nerf guns.

The boys pose for a photo before continuing their Nerf war. The boy in the red shirt is not our grandson, the other 3 are brothers.

Playing Legos before they open gifts. MOST of the kids like Legos.

Jalen and his 4 year old brother have crushes on our 11 year old granddaughter. Ava is precious!!! ....motivated....trustworthy....hardworking....
She and her younger sister always donate their long, blond locks to worthy causes when they get it cut.

Another blond haired beauty.
She got new pjs and put them on before they left.

On Friday we had very mild weather and Kevin went golfing with his buddies.
Saturday I met my DIL and granddaughter at Texas Roadhouse in Appleton. My grandson was unable to come along because he was sick. I did a teeny bit of shopping, nothing from the Christmas sale aisles though.
My daughter and her family came over on Sunday. Eastin and his 3 boys were here also. Both days we had only a few people here and had a simple lunch, but it was very nice. My daughter even made low sodium chowder and rolls for me.... not bad!
I really hope that next year I can get EVERYONE together.
Monday I had to have my weekly blood test for the warafin that I take and I decided it was a good day to make some returns. I also stopped at 3 thrift stores.....didn't find much.....I don't think I've been in much of a shopping mood lately. I'm fine with that. 
My plan for today was to stay home and clean up. Well.....I slept in (can't fall asleep at a decent hour), then I talked on the phone for a long time, after that another friend stopped over to visit. It was about 2:30 when I started to pick up a few things in the living room. There's always tomorrow, right???


  1. What a lovely Christmas you had. Such beautiful grandchildren! Christmas is so fun with little ones around. I miss that. And yes, there is always tomorrow! That's what I keep telling myself on my Christmas break. I haven't accomplished as much as I had hoped to, but oh well! Have a blessed New Year's Eve!

    Hugs, Vicky

  2. Dear Linda, Looks like a lovely Christmas with a loving family gathering.
    Iwill keep you in my prayers for a New Year filled with blessings. xo Catherine

  3. What a nice Christmas.. so nice to see your family and grandkids. I'm in no hurry to put my Christmas decoration away. I didn't get a tree this year, so no mess to clean up, so I will leave the rest our for a while....So glad you are doing so well, and praying for a Blessed New Year of renewed health.

  4. Is that our church? How did you get that picture? So glad that you had an enjoyable Christmas!

  5. Lots of wonderful memories in all those pictures! Little gatherings are nice because you can actually visit.

  6. YUP! always tomorrow! We can pretend we are Scarlett O'Hara!!