Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thoughts On Thursday

Don't send your husband to the grocery store with a list written specifically for YOURSELF.....especially if you use 'shorthand' because you know what you want or he may bring home:
*the heaviest olive oil on the market
*shredded Swiss cheese instead of sliced. How is that going to work on a sandwich?
*margarine instead of butter
*low fat sour cream.....although you need low sodium foods
*fruit roll ups instead of fruit snacks (which is what was clearly written down, roll ups have more sodium)

If he does bring those items home just say "That's fine, it'll work.".....that is if you want to save your marriage and will ever ask him to go to the grocery store again. Just rewrite your list and save it for the next time YOU go shopping!!!

I wanted to share this advice from something that might have happened to me this past week.
Do you have any advice to share?

Remember that I said I wore a Holter heart monitor last week? Well, they called me yesterday and said I have "quite a few irregular heartbeats" that is what causes me to be dizzy/light headed sometimes. So......I need to see that specialist soon!
It's always something. 

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  1. Linda, I am praying for you. I hope it all works well when you see the dr. If I go in the store with my hubby for a few things he grabs the basket and puts in his stuff and is ready to I usually forget stuff...blast. His stuff is peanuts, carby snacks. LOL. Blessings to you honey, xoxo,Susie