Friday, January 2, 2015

Update After Today's Doctor Appointment

A person's body is a very complicated, intricate, will planned machine.....everything is connected and affects everything else.
I had an appointment with my cardiologist today and Kev had the day off so he was able to take me. The good news is that my labs are consistent, the doctor said he is pleased....that means I am too. I have been feeling pretty good, although I do move much more slowly than usual. It's easy for me to forget how serious my heart and cancer issues are sometimes. 
The bad news.....I wasn't aware of it, but I also have stage III kidney disease, that's not surprising considering all the meds I am taking.
I have made my decision about where I am having my surgery. It will be at St Luke's in Milwaukee. With all my heart issues I am at high risk for a general  anesthetic and that is the best place for me....if something happens the cardiology team will be right there! At first I thought I'd have it under a local at Green Bay, as originally planned, but I think changing my mind was the right decision. I know it's silly, but I worry about hurting my original surgeon's feelings.....after all, we have developed a relationship and I do like him. Another surgeon has been recommended to me and she has high ratings too. Monday I will make my phone calls and schedule appointments.
One thing that influenced my decision was the fact that Jon (my lifevest alarm) sounded twice in the wee hours of New Years Day. I called ZOLL this afternoon and found out that it was not cardiac related (relief) but caused by movement. Those were my first thoughts when it sounded because I had been scratching my back (moving the sensors) and readjusting my blankets. 
I want to get this surgery over with and get the healing started as soon as I can!
I haven't thought about New Year's resolutions....but I guess that is mine!


  1. Girl - you have to go to the best doctor and best place for you - your other doctors should understand. It's scary, but doctors can do so much these days. God bless you.

  2. Well, now you have a plan in place, so that is a plus. I have Stage IV Kidney Disease. Once it went to Stage III, so maybe when this is all behind you that will change too. I am very pleased with the nephrology department. Keep me informed, and not just on your blog. I want to be there when you have your surgery.
    Love and Hugs,

  3. Go with the doctor YOU feel is right! I'm sorry to hear about your kidney disease...know that prayers are being said for you..

  4. It is hard to switch doctors when you like and trust the one you have. I think about those things also but you have made the best decision (in my opinion) to go to St. Luke's. They have the teams! Hugs and prayers!
    Even though you were scratching and rearranging, it must have been scary when Jon sounded!
    Best wishes on getting this taken care of soon. More hugs and prayers,

  5. Linda, I'll be praying all goes well with your surgery and your recovery. God has already got every last little detail set for you and changing doctors was part of that plan. You have to do what is best for you and not worry about hurting anyone's feelings. I'm sure the doctor would choose the very best for any one in his family if they needed surgery, so don't you give it a second thought. Bonnie

  6. You are so strong! You are ever present in my thoughts. I don't want to blow you up with platitudes. But as our journeys progress I see your strength and it shores up mine....Hugs Linda!

  7. Keep your positive attitude! You are an inspiration to so many! Prayers as you make appointments and go through with the surgery.

    Hugs, Vicky

  8. You are a trooper. I love that you embrace all the challenges in your life and that encouragement to me. Will continue to say prayers for the surgeons, the hospital staff and nurses, and our Heavenly Father for successful surgery and healing. Sending LOVE.

  9. Your decision for surgery location sounds very thought out and logical to me. I can understand how you want to get the surgery behind you so you can move forward. Continuing to pray in your behalf. God's "got this".