Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

Two weeks from today I will be returning home to recover and heal from my breast cancer surgery. That is as long as I get clearance from my 2nd cardiologist on the 26th. Yes, I'm cutting it close but I can not get in to see him any earlier and the surgeon (and I) want this done. The original plan was much simpler....but now with my heart issues it has changed.  The anesthesiologist will be a special, cardiac anesthesiologist and I will stay overnight, possibly in ICU.
The first hospital (where I was originally having my surgery) has a pre-surgery regime, I was told to wash with Hibiclens and also given special wipes to use on the surgery area. I was also tested for MRSA and prescribed a salve to put in my nostrils before surgery. We picked up and paid for those prescriptions......oh well. Oh, and I already have some pain pills too.....better make sure my present surgeon knows that!

I'm not sure how to explain it, but I have a 'bad' attitude of late. I'm not crabby, depressed, or angry. It's just that my attitude is bad, as opposed to good.  I know I'l get through it, I'm just not happy with it right now. 

This should be a fun weekend. Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for a scrapbooking retreat, it's only in the neighboring city....but I'll have a table to myself and can work on my scrapbook as much as I want and only take breaks to eat or whenever I want. I won't be home until Saturday night. The retreat ends on Sunday but I and Carolee only stay one night. For a change I am prepared and organized.....but I am sure once I start working I'll think of something I wish I'd brought along.

Next week I have several doctor appointments....and the week after, even the week after that. Let's hope all goes as planned.

Time to do some cleaning before I leave tomorrow morning.
Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!!!


  1. I am new but I do wish you the best of luck and blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a breast cancer survivor of 7 months. God bless. sandie

  2. Good to hear this update. Please know I write your name in my prayer journal every single morning and say a special prayer for you. I will continue to do this as long as it takes. Don't worry about your bad attitude. Others are holding you up in prayer and will be praying for you when you don't even feel like praying for yourself. I have been in such a situation. I was such emotional pain I couldn't pray at the time - but believe me when I say I FELT the prayers of others. It's a wonderful thing.
    Enjoy your weekend. God has GOT this!!!

  3. Linda you are a trooper! I am so glad you are getting to do something fun before the surgery stuff starts. You are ever in my thoughts.hugs!

  4. Everyone goes through these bad attitudes occasionally. I have had one too this week and am trying to get over it! Have fun on your retreat...sounds like fun!

  5. I'm so sorry you are going through these difficult times, Linda. I'm praying for you.

  6. Hope you had a wonderful time at the Scrapping Retreat!
    Girl, you're entitled to a "bad attitude" every now and then - it happens to all of us.
    Heck, you're entitled to a good ol' screaming, stomping Hissy Fit, if you want.
    Sometimes it makes me feel better to do just that...Praying for you!!