Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Am My Mother and Other Nonsense

Actually I think my sister has more of our mothers attributes than I do, but I have some.
*I like my bread. When I was in the hospital I figured out that if I ordered a pat of butter when offered  (and stashed it) by the time I got a dinner roll I'd have 2 butters (real salted butter) for my roll. Ahhhh .....2 is much better than one.
*Sometimes I'd order an extra cookie and save it for later when a snack was needed.
*I saved the seasoning packet if not used. My first meal didn't have about bland.
*I'm fine with being by myself, spending too much time with people is stressful. Sometimes I go a whole day w/o talking to anyone.
(All things my mom would do)

I am happy to report that for 2 days I disregarded my sodium restrictions and both days my weight was good. I had to eat Thanksgiving leftovers....right? No, it doesn't mean that I'm 100% and am saying to heck with low sodium. Today I am going to get back on track, I don't wanna go backwards and end up in the hospital again.

Yesterday I ventured out on  my own, the first time in weeks. I did stop at the big thrift store in town (the only one open) and the 'manager' asked how I was. We've become friendly b/c we share the same first name. I explained everything that has been going on with me and she offered to say a prayer for me. That was really nice :-) I get tired easily and always take a shopping cart to lean on.....yeah, I look like and old lady leaning on her cart.

I'm cleaning my pantry and giving away canned goods. I am keeping a few things that I can make to share but if it's something  only I'd eat it's gone  :-(  Now I need to find low sodium products to fill it up again. :-(  Thanksgiving dinner tasted REALLY good.....but the low sodium group I joined on facebook says I will get used to it. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


  1. I hope you can get used to the new diet. Finding a support group certainly will help.

  2. I am glad you are like mom too.

  3. So happy to read this post! I have been thinking of and praying for you every day! I seemed to have missed a post so I'm going back to read that one now! Praise God you are doing so much better!!!!

  4. I think of you often and pray for "The Chocolate Lady." I think I've told you that before. It's true that God knows us by name anyway, even when we forget. I am sooo much like my mom. I can go days without talking to anyone too. I'd rather blog. My mom was always busy but loved time to herself. I've been sitting with a sick lady who has been isolated for 25 years. Can you imagine? She has chronic pain from a colon/bladder surgery gone bad. She could have sued for certain but didn't. Her daughter died recently and my heart went out to her. I started visiting and she hired me. She talks all the time and I do tire of it. When I get home, I want peace and quiet. But I wouldn't take anything for the feeling I get for helping her for anything. She basically has no family except a son who longer comes around.