Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Cards

Thanksgiving is past. We had a very quiet day here. My friend cooked dinner and sent plenty of it over for us. I savored every bite of my tasty turkey, candied yams, and especially the stuffing. I hope your day was what you desired it to be.
I have been feeling really good the past couple of days and decided I wanted to 'play' on Wednesday. I had my container of Christmas embellishments, scraps, and even some partially finished cards. I worked most of the day just using scraps to make these cards. Some need some finishing touches and most need a greeting on the inside.

Can you tell I like paper and layering?

I have other Christmas cards that were made at Stamp a longs, so I probably have enough cards for this year. I haven't even been thinking about Christmas cards.....but if I have them already made I might as well mail them out. Do you mail out many cards?


  1. Yes, I mail out lotss of Christmas cards. I have been working on mine in the evenings. I brought the two top layers along and have the stamping finished, working on the coloring and then the layers can be attached. I make mine all the same so I don't have to decide who gets which one. You have a nice selection! Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

  2. It's the one tradition I still have at Christmas to mail out Christmas cards. They always have to have cats :) and I order ones where I can put whatever I want on the inside pages and the back. I love giving and receiving Christmas cards, although I always give out more than I receive. I'm glad you are better today..

  3. Happy to hear that you are feeling better and enjoyed Thanksgiving!
    Love your cards and YES, I make and send out Christmas cards for the last 20 years or more! Not everyone gets a handmade card in recent years. I seem to be making fewer each year..
    Maybe this weekend I'll make a few since you have inspired me.

  4. I still want to make more cards. Yours turned out very nice! glad to see you making cards!

  5. Not so much. But yours are sweet! My mom seems lots out and receives many in return she tapes them down her banister... so Christmasy !

  6. Your cards turned out so pretty. I used to send out about 25-30 cards every year but no longer do. I should do it since I love receiving mail myself and by sending them out, I may brighten someone's day. Have a blessed Sunday.

    Hugs, Vicky

  7. No, I don't do cards much any more. With Facebook and blog and all the modern ways of communicating - I just wish a Merry Christmas using these mediums. YOUR cards are a work of art! My daughter Summer does scrapbooking and the cards I receive from people who do are very special. They get FRAMED and become part of my seasonal decorating. They are much too beautiful not to display!!!

  8. I see some of the items that Deb stamped for you used in your own way...I'm glad you are up to making cards again (wish you could have made it to the class but progress is progress)!