Friday, November 7, 2014

This And That, Ups And Downs

Keepin' it real, I didn't fall off a ladder, but that would probably be an easier route. 
November blew in with cold winds and rain. Northern WI has snow and it's predicted for our area several days from now. It's too early for winter!!!!  It helps that my DR told me to elevate my leg and use a heating pad.
Today was a down day for me......lack of sleep? complications? stamina is wearing down. I wanted to break down and cry, but didn't.....but I felt down. I have a lot of moles on my body and one on my side is hurting (that's new). looks like a cyst or mole has appeared under the skin. ***sigh*** what next??? Please, no more new, weird side effects!!! About a month ago I noticed a lump on the edge of my breast/chest. I showed it to 2 of my DRs and they didn't think anything of it. That one doesn't hurt though.
I am just getting rid of pink eye.
I am happy to report that my clotting time is right where the DR wants it to be.
My face, abdomen, leg, and foot are still swollen.
I still can not do anything without huffing and puffing.
I have a cold or sinus drainage and coughing keeps me up at night. 
The DR thinks I am improving, but I do not see it. 
He did compliment me on keeping up my good attitude.
I know a lot of people are praying for me....but sometimes I forget that God's timing is not mine....I am so impatient, and I am not a good patient.

I continue to be blessed with friends who take me to DR appointments, who send cards and letters encouraging me, and yesterday I received a package from another blogger. Oh, such wonderful people love me :-)

It was so windy yesterday that when my friend brought me home from my DR appointment my favorite hat blew away. Darn!!! It blew off earlier in the day, but I caught it that time.
Hubby has been a big help, but I feel so guilty not doing a thing. I AM going to put my clothing away.....I AM!

Next week I am having another ECHO on heart and I see the cardiologist a few days after that. The way things are going my surgery could very possibly  be in Dec. What will be will be......but why is God changing this? Is there more here than we know about now?

Thanks for visiting and your comments. Sorry I haven't been reading your blogs.


  1. I'm glad you haven't read my blog - you make me feel ashamed. . .I pray for you, Friend, and think of you often. Heaven knows you deserve a BREAK ( "break" in the good sense of the word). Life is totally unfair sometimes. Only someone who has traveled this path can truly understand what you're going through. My sister made it through all the up and downs of chemo, radiation and surgery, along with all the strange side effects. That was 6+ years ago. Life is sweet for her now. It WILL be good for you again. Scream, kick the wall, do whatever it takes to get you through each day. The fact that you keep your posts "real" will help others too. Thank you for sharing reality with us.

  2. No apologies needed for not reading blogs, Linda. You save your energy for healing and resting. I hope that your surgery can be done soon so that you have that behind you. Then you can move forward into the final phase of your healing treatments.

    God bless you- You are doing great-you just don't know you are!;>) Love to you..and prayers FOR you- xo Diana

  3. As above, no apologies... it will get better!

  4. Yes, all your energy for healing and rest. There is a verse in Prov. 24:16 that says "The righteous fall down seven times, but they get up...." You are so special, and you keep getting up....Blessing on you dear friend.

  5. You can cry! There are studies showing that crying is good for you! It will release the stress that builds up in you. Love and hugs to you!