Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Oh boy...........what a day. First of all I woke up really, really early trying to scream "police" and could not fall back to sleep. I had a very weird and detailed dream. That and Kevin's hacking cough kept me awake for quite a while. Then, at 5:40AM my alarm went off. Hubby and I were off to our annual pilgrimage to the flea market in Cedarburg. We left after 7 and it was looking like rain, but he said it would be over by 8. It's over an hour drive...on the way it was POURING and we saw some heavy duty lightening. Obviously there was not a flea market so we turned around and came home. I wanted to stop at Target on the way back but it was still raining hard so I said 'forget it'. I was really tired and thought about taking a nap but knew I'd never sleep so I worked on the wedding scrapbook and ....VIOLA!!!!'s finished (except for a couple of minor details). I am so relieved.

Guess I could back up and report on the rest of the weekend. Saturday night we went to the beach to watch the sky lanterns. They were awesome!!!! 'Paper' lanterns with a fire that are let to float up and away (over Lake Michigan). We saw the fireworks too....and it was really nice also. On Sunday I took the 3 boys to KITES OVER LAKE MICHIGAN. It was kinda cool but we had fun. About 3 hours later a friend of hubby's stopped by us......and over an hour later hubby showed up. He HAD to go golfing earlier.

The weekend was OK...............I was hoping to report on all the great deals we got at the flea market. Oh time.

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