Saturday, September 4, 2010

Best Man page is complete

After a week of laziness I decided to get back at the wedding scrapbook for Heather & Eastin. Hope you like it. All of my pages are pretty simple and straight forward. The next pages will just be a conglomeration of photos so I won't post those. A few more tidbits: our new grandson still isn't here. If she doesn't go into labor by next Thursday they will break her water and baby will be here. :-)

I was bored today (with my hair) so I decided to add some low lights. I couldn't find the warm, golden brown so I used more of a burgundy color and it's not as delicate and blended in as my hairdresser did....but it's colorful. hehehe I must be getting more bold as I age b/c I don't even care how it will fade. Red fades quite quickly.

What a change in weather we've experienced. One day the high temperature was 81 and the next it was 64. It is suppose to warm up...........good, tomorrow is KITES OVER LAKE MICHIGAN. Hundreds of people will go to the beach to watch all kinds of kites flown by people from all over the US. We always take the boys and have a great time.
BTW, what's with all the banned books! I have read some of those books and consider them good literature and great reads for everyone. Anne Frank: the diary of a young girl is on the list. :-(
That book needs to be read by young people. I need to find a movement against banned books and get going!


  1. What a nice looking young man!...LOL

  2. That is VERY nice! I love what Danny said.

  3. Yes, Danny made many of us cry, including the groom. Deb made Jessica cry. meanie!