Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sad and sadder news....with some good to balance it out

It's so sad to see my SIL suffer through some personal problems, my step-son has some digestive problem (my guess) and has lost LOTS of weight the past year....he saw the Dr once and didn't have insurance so he suffers with that too, a friend is dealing with some very tough family issues too, another (adult) family member won't talk to us. My tomatoes have died and I had to put on jeans and a sweater today. When will all of this sadness end??? Some are real issues and I feel bad for those involved.

I am happy to report that my boss gave me some fresh, tasty tomatoes today :-) Step-son has insurance now and is able to get somethings done so we pray he'll get back to good health. Friday morning I, and 2 friends, are headed to a retreat in northern WI. We've been there several times
and love it. It is a beautiful Christian camp! We leave early so we can get some shopping in.

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