Monday, September 20, 2010

Camp Luther 2010

Yay!!!!! It's our fall Women's Retreat at Camp Luther. I usually drive, I prefer to. It is a 175 mile drive and we like to leave in the morning so we can shop a bit. Our first stop is at the Shawano Goodwill. We (Deb, her sister Connie, and I) each found a few bargains...nothing too big b/c we only have some room in the backseat. We eat at late lunch at the Harvest restaurant in Wittenberg where they have the Pot of Silver know, where you put 8 quarters in and get 2 in return but you are positive that when you drop the next quarter in all of the ones on the edge are going to fall. They never do though. Do ya think we'll remember that next year?Me neither. One of our other favorite stops is J&P liquidators in Antigo. I wish they were closer, they have neat and different things and great prices. It was a beautiful drive, the trees are starting to turn color. Friday night we had devotions and got our secret sisters. We played 'people bingo' to find out about each other.
Saturday afternoon we had a campfire outside in front of the lake. The sun shone, we talked and laughed....enjoying the company of our fellow sisters.

Do you know that the smell of tuna pizza reminds Irene of her childhood? or that Crystal sprayed a nasty fragrance on the dear John letter she wrote to break up with a beau? or that I once caught chickens (in a very stinky barn - 2 in one hand and one in the other) for butchering?

Many of us piled into the Voyaguer canoes for a stupendous canoe ride. Some gals experienced a zip line. Not me! We wanted to watch for a bit, but it was a long walk and we were not sure where we were going. After I watched it on a teens head cam I think I would not have done it anyway. I and my 'roomies' went to the winery and did a very little shopping in Three Lakes.

After supper on Saturday we played a new game - SNOOPS. (have to remember that one for Red Hats). We laughed and cried, met new friends, and delighted in seeing old ones again. We were all tired Saturday night so didn't join in the stargazing in the pontoon boat or the girls night out with ping pong, snacks, etc.
Our speaker and Bible study leader was Jan Struck here. She is fabulous. She was my secret sister and here we are below.

Camp Luther is a gorgeous camp, with cottages, a lake, athletic field, and really cool campsites for teens.
After breakfast, Bible study, worships songs, revealing out secret sisters we said our good byes and were on our way home. One again we had to stop at J&P (they told Deb they'd have something she was looking for). I stopped in Antigo for gas, the Goodwill store, and for a late lunch. It was a wonderful retreat and we are planning to go again next year.

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