Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just thinking aloud...

Note to self: tennis balls are extremely hard to cut with a dull knife. Are you wondering why I am trying to cut one? We are planing to use it to cover the door stop in our room at retreat. It is practically in the middle of floor and we are always stubbing toes/feet on it.....rather annoying.

My day is going pretty my errands taken care of this morning, my sleeping bag is airing out (I only use it for retreat), jars of tomatoes are processing on the stove for use in chili this winter, and I am getting excited for the weekend!

On the down side I still have to clean, fold laundry, and pack. I have to stop eating chocolate....I'm like an alcoholic, I can't just eat one, I have to have as many candy bars as I see. This really has to stop...I did it before and can do it again, but I have to WANT to.

Am I really odd or what? I LIKE being alone.......but maybe that is b/c I am so seldom all by myself....or does it just seem that way? I prefer to shop alone, I like being home all day trying to accomplish something, I have taken classes by myself, or done things with one of my grandkids without another adult that I know by my side. I don't go out to eat alone ('cept for fast food and that doesn't count) or go to the movies alone. Some days my phone doesn't even ring nor do I call anyone. But after a day home alone and not talking to anyone I do need to get out. Well, now that I got that off my chest I better get back to my housework!


  1. I can relate to this.Sometimes I like just being by myself. I dont need to be around people even tho I do enjoy being with friends and family.Yeah, I get what you mean!: )

  2. Last night I just enjoyed reading my book....alone! There are times for all of us when we need to refresh. Looking forward to the weekend!