Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thoughts On Thursday

My morning off and I'm up early again...........*sigh*
so here goes.....

  • As you know my hubby was gone for the entire month of February. While he was gone I kept the thermostat lower than usual - most of the time I was not at home, I didn't cook as much, laundry was done less often, the TV was on MUCH less, etc. A few days ago the mailman brought our electric & water bill. It was down $77.00. That got me thinking.....I don't think we can afford to have him live here....wait, he pays the bills....I guess he stays! I was really curious to see if there'd be a significant difference. I was right but I don't think I will able to convince him to stop showering, changing clothes, eating, or watching TV. 
  • Tuesday I started training a new woman at work to take over my job. Was there a full moon ???? It sure seemed like it! The phone was ringing and ringing, I had tons of work to catch up on, and was trying to explain to Audrey what to do. I found some mistakes the new woman had made on bank deposits......oh me, oh my. I was so stressed! After work I attended a genealogy meeting, it was very informative, I'm glad I went. It was almost 9 when I got home and I still had to wash dishes. After unwinding for a while with the TV and a word game on my Nook I finally fell asleep after 11. I woke up several times during the night, dreaming of genealogy research. Then I'd start thinking about work........what I should have done and what I have to get done. At 4:30  I decided that I'd get up a little after 5, after hubby leaves for work. I did, I prefer being up early on my day off............then I have such a nice long day for myself. Work was slightly better in the afternoon, but I am still soooooo far behind. Today I am working in the afternoon. I am having lunch with my grandsons at their school then I'll work the rest of the day, Cindy, the new woman is in MO with her daughter and new grand-baby. I'll be working alone and I hope the phone doesn't ring so I can get some work done!!! Friday I get to work again with Audrey. I'm happy to say that she is doing well so far. 

Please wish me new people at work is not always easy. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that when I'm so busy it's hard to spend quality time teaching. 

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  1. I have never been in your shoes, but have been in Cindy's! It's interesting to see another perspective. When Dan was in college our water and light bill went down too.