Monday, March 10, 2014

Freakin' Fabulous

I LOVED 'What Not To Wear' and really miss it. So last week when I saw this book at the library I picked it up. I've read Stacey's book, but didn't know much about Clinton, so why not??
He's actually pretty neat. 
I wasn't very interested in the food, decorating, or crafts. As usual his advice about clothing was great. 

I think we should frame this quote and put it on our closet doors.

"The way you dress tells the rest of the world how you expect to be treated."

It's advice I need to remember as I exit the working world. 
I am loving my sweatshirts and yoga pants of late.

There's a picture of a woman in light colored mom jeans, plain ol' t-shirt, and a hoodie. (She's a don't.)
I have to be careful not to become her....I don't think I will. When I leave the house I try to dress decent, NO light colored mom jeans and no 'manish' t-shirts, although I do love my hoodies and will not get rid of them.
When I dress 'nice' I always feel and act like I deserve respect. 
What I wear around the house is a whole 'nother story :-)

Clinton stole my heart when I got to the last chapter in the book - proper grammar. Bad grammar is one of my major pet peeves!
He explains the various 'yours', the use of to and too, the difference between its & it's, and even when to use I and my. He did forget to differentiate between lend and borrow. That's another one that drives me nuts. An ad on our local radio stations states "Mary and myself are certified...."  I yell at the radio whenever I hear that commercial. Doesn't anyone proofread the ads first????

  • Be fabulous! You don't have to be rich!!! Think quality and not quantity. Be the best you can be!


  1. I used to watch that show too. I always wanted to be on WNTW,but I would never have bought DRESSES. LOL.

  2. I saw Clinton on The Chew when he told us about his new book. I would love it. I love Clinton and Stacey!

  3. Awesome post. I would like to borrow the book sometime if you would lend it to me. :-)

  4. I know what you mean, since retiring, I rarely ever dress up in anything that I don't mind getting dirty. I just like being comfortable, but my poor husband does deserve a better me at least half the time :) Maybe I need to start rethinking my wardrobe. Thanks for the inspiration.