Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thoughts Of Thursday

I didn't write a post on Thursday....I was busy!
After a couple of early morning phone calls and errands I met my SD and her family at the hospital to see her grandma. They live in Oshkosh and don't get here very often.
All the reports we heard were that Loretta was on her last leg.
She was asleep when I got there so I just waited for a bit. Her lunch came, she woke up, and ate very little...but....then she talked up a storm and said she was going home 'tomorrow'. I didn't know what to think. We were all quite surprised to find out that she was much better and did go home on friday. 
Loretta is a very sweet lady and complimented me (that means a lot to me because she doesn't have to - I am married to her deceased daughters husband). Oh, but she is not always so sweet! She is sharp as a whip and has a spunky side, I certainly appreciate that!!!

After our visit we went out for lunch at Panda Express, a treat for me b/c hubby won't go there. 
Jessica and I had 30% coupons for Kohl's so we stopped there too. I hadn't been shopping at a 'real' store for myself in a long time. I bought a cardigan for spring and a pair of good flats.
On the way home I stopped to pick up our 3 grandsons so the cousins could play.

 Yes, the little one with the tongue is a boy.
 The kids love to dress up when they are here.
I have a bin of dress up clothes for them, but this time they got into my Red Hat stuff. Oh well, it makes for great photos. 
(that is if I can change the setting back to what is was so my photos aren't blurry).
 The only granddaughter on hubby's side, cute, huh?

 Just one of my potential blackmail photos I have of grandson J, the 8 year old who comes here often.
 I had to find some boyish dress up clothes, grandson S doesn't like to wear dresses all the time. Although he did have a skirt and wig on earlier. Another time he had a dress shirt and tie on. I aim to please so there's a variety of dress up things.
 I have no words for this one.
 Grandson J had to take a time out for the computer game he is playing. 
 Checking out hubby's photos from Africa.

 Play-do is always a big hit.....that reminds me I need to get some new Play-do.
 The pirate ship that grandson L is playing with is very popular with the 2 youngest grands. 

 What's a play date without some wresting (if you have boys)?
My preferred time of year for cousin get-togethers is summer so I can chase them outside to wrestle.
We did have a nice visit with Chuck and Jessica and the kids.

That's what I was doing on Thursday instead of blogging!

It's sunny out and will be above freezing this what you say.... It is a BIG DEAL for us!!! There haven't been very many days with above freezing temps this month. 
Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. Love that the sweet lady truly likes you too. Those kids cracked me up with their dress antics. xo,Susie

  2. Linda- Love all the pictures of the kids. I have dress up here, too, but it has always been girls-now I will have to add for the boys now that they are getting that age. Yep-if there's boys there's wrestling. lol Glad you had a nice Thursday. It was sunny here but cold today. I hope it is warmer tomorrow- xo Diana