Monday, March 3, 2014

Favorite New Orleans Scrapbook Pages

My bff and I attended a scrapbook retreat at Pine Lake Camp in WI this past weekend. It's hosted by an Ahni & Zoe representative. This is the 2nd time we've gone and the 2nd time my friend won a good prize, yes, I'm a looser. 
The New Orleans and year were cut with my Silhouette. I'm not sure I like the vellum stickers in the corners........
 You're probably wondering why I have the patriotic red/white/blue paper.
It coordinates with the facing page. I used a couple of postcards for information. I like to tell a story with my scrapbooks, they are not just photos. If I have a story I am more likely to remember the event.
This page was also cut with my silhouette.
 I don't do fancy or elaborate pages.
 I think this extremely simple page is my favorite.
 This street artist fascinated me.
 Just some sights.
 This border was also cut with my Silhouette. The fence looks just like the one in the picture on the facing page.
This is the first time that I actually put it to good use. I love it!
I needed something for a page and found a lamppost; purchased it, sized it, cut it, and voila! It was just I needed to complete the page.
My favorite pages are clean and simple.
One woman was doing a wedding book, she spent hours on a page and they were fit for a magazine layout. They were BEAUTIFUL but that's too stressful for me to attempt.

We left friday morning so we had time to stop at a thrift store, have lunch, do a bit of research at the courthouse, which is BEHIND the jail. I knew the approximate location...but all I saw was the jail, so I had to go in and ask. The roads were bare...that is until we left the courthouse. It was snowing heavily and the camp is in the country so we decided not to stop at the liquidators and just get to camp before dark. The country roads were covered with blowing snow and I couldn't tell what was underneath. Since my tires are not the best I drove slowly and let other pass me.

I LOVE retreats, especially those at church camps. No one cares what you wear or if you comb or hair, make up is pretty much non-existent, there are plenty of snacks, meals are prepared for you, and the company is super!

My friend had a medical problem friday night and two of the gals, one a nurse, drove her to the ER for some meds.  She did end up staying at the retreat the whole weekend, by Sunday morning she felt better. .....for a bit, then it came back and we had to leave earlier than anticipated....we also skipped the liquidator and Red Lobster and just drove straight home.

My husband arrived home saturday evening safe & sound. Now things are back to normal.....laundry, cooking, and attempting to painfully extract words from him. I'm glad the trip was a success and he got  home safely!


  1. You got a lot done! I still love the cemetery fence!

  2. Very nice pages. Looks like you got a lot finished and made some good use of your silhouette.