Sunday, March 9, 2014

Autographs Anyone?

Remember autograph books? I do and had one. I doubt if I still have it, when I was younger I was shy, not popular, and didn't have a lot of friends so it was not easy for me to ask for autographs. 
I also have a 'thing' for small blank books so when I saw this autograph book at the thrift store (where else?) I 'had' to buy it.
I planned to decoupage the cover and give it to my granddaughter.....that was over a year ago....
I grabbed my Xyron (a virgin that I was planning to get rid of) and decided to use it to recover the book. This Xyron adhesive is barely wide enough for this project, but it did work. And I loved it....but I still think I will try to sell it at the used stamp sale when I run out of adhesive, it's expensive and wasteful to use, but it worked great.

 I covered the inside front and back covers. 
 The striped paper is green (not blue as it looks here) and does match the front.

I think it's cute, it's a sturdy little book, and could be used for a lot of things. What should I do with it??? I'm just impressed with myself that I finally covered it.

Thanks for visiting! I have lots of other crafty projects in mind...if I get at them I'll post.


  1. Nice job! You could journal your trip in it.

  2. I do remember those autograph books. I think I had one that someone gave me when I was little. Like so many things from my childhood- I have no idea where stuff went. I think that is a really cute little book. Could you make one of those "smash" books out of it? I don't even know what an Xyron is. xo Diana

  3. I had an autograph book that I got at Disney World...wish I had kept it.Yours turned out great! It could be used as an address book, a journal, or lots of other things I'm sure. Thanks for sharing...:)

    Blessings, Vicky