Saturday, July 13, 2013


Today is a beautiful, sunny day on the Lakeshore, where I live. In fact the past week the weather has been gorgeous.......the low humidity is perfect.
My tomatoes are growing tall and have lots of blossoms. I am sure you'll hear more about them in the future. My flowers look pretty darn good too! This year I purchased 'bunny poop' compost (what else would you call it?) and put it around my flowers. I have also been feeding my plants regularly. 
This plant finally blossomed and I don't know what it is. I bought it from some vendor and it didn't have a name stake in it. If anyone knows please leave me a comment!!! What caught my eye is the thing growing out of the center, see it? Have you ever seen anything like that? I don't think I have. What is it? Gardening friends please help!!!

I'm off today with a couple of friends to attend a garden walk in our neighboring city. There are 9 gardens for $10. I love to look and get ideas (that I will never put to use). If my 10 year old granddaughter were here she'd enjoy it with me. Afterward we are stopping at the candy store for ice cream sundaes.....they are buy one get one free. Works for us!

Wishing a happy, sunny weekend to all!

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