Sunday, July 14, 2013

Master Gardeners Garden Walk

This year I made up my mind to attend the garden walk and invited the members of my Red Hat group. Four of us went together and several others went on their own. (I suspect they did not want to wear red hats). I've always stood out in a group, so why stop now???  There were 9 gardens to tour (we only toured 8). It was a beautiful day!

Love, love, love the color combination of the flower box.

We admired this tree (that I have since forgotten the name of) at several locations.
 The first place we stopped at had a huge teepee on their 6 acre property.

This garden incorporated a lot of glass art into it.

This city home, located on a busy street, looks unassuming as you approach...but once you walk through the gate.............ahhh, an oasis.

My photos do not do justice to any of the gardens. I just snapped a few small things for the ideas that I'd never think of. 

In 1992 the owner purchased this extremely run down house and reinvented it into the most wonderful sanctuary. To the left of the couch is a lovely pond with huge goldfish in it. 

 One area contains a counter with storage and sink. I'd love that!
They even have plants on the top balcony. 

We saw Harry Lauder's Walking Stick tree at many locations also. It looks really pitiful....the branches are all twisted 

and the leaves look wilted ....but it's perfectly healthy. That's just how it was created.

I had never seen this daisy like flower with the variegated leaves before. 

Now here's an unusual pine looks like someone just bent it over and .....viola!  Maybe that is what happened.

 I love the color contrast below. 

 Two floral covered arch ways lead to the back.

 cute little vignette

Love the old screen door. Too bad my sister's didn't have any gingerbread on it....maybe she could add some herself???

I didn't see too many orange flower combinations. There's a huge cactus too.

Who wouldn't want to have their morning coffee here??

You can not get the whole effect of the gardens with just a few photos. They were just amazing as you walked into them from an ordinary front yard. 
 Now I need more clay pots!!
We had lunch at a small local restaurant and just had fun getting to know each other more. I'm putting this on my calender for next year!!!

It's another perfect day here....wonder what my grandson and I will do???


  1. Love touring others gardens for ideas and just enjoying the view. Glad you had a good time.

  2. Some wonderful ideas here, isn't it lovely to have sunshine to walk in the gardens! Xxx