Monday, July 5, 2010

What a Wonderful Week!

I took off from work last week: the weather was perfect, I was busy with friends and grandchildren but it was enjoyable, and now I have to change my mindset to "back to work"......oh well. Yesterday we had our annual 4TH OF JULY cookout at hubby's brothers home. (They have a nice, big yard and firepit.) SIL always makes lots of great food! The 3 boys (2 grandsons & 1 nephew) are 5 & 6 and the guys were playing baseball with them, it's so fantastic to see the dads and an honorary uncle teaching them a sport they used to play. We had a couple of sprinkles but the rain held off for all the festivities. We attended the fireworks at night and then back to BILs for a fire,...... yeah, the guys lit off some fireworks and we also had a great view of the neighbors display. It's nice to see hubby and his son getting along. Just as they had finished lighting everything a police officer stopped over to let us know that they had complaints.....He was very nice and so was hubby. If you treat them with respect most likely they will treat you the same way.
Of course the men (including Eastin) are golfing this morning. SIL wants to go to the beach today, but the sky doesn't look like it will be a good beach day. It's grey and showers are predicted for all day. Today I have to pick up here (an ongoing job), do laundry, and then stop at church and clean up after communion.
Tomorrow it's back to work..........and I mean work. The woman that was hired in March did not work out so she was let go. Hopefully we'll get some good resumes and find someone who will work out this time! Third time's a charm???? In the meantime I will work extra days to get everything done. Thursdays I babysit so the guys will have to man the phones themselves.
Tomorrow night is our Red Hat meeting. We're meeting in a meeting room at one gals apartment building and working out our scrapbook. The 2 hostesses will provide food.......:-)
Wednesday evening I think SIL and I will take the boys to the park (the other grandparents aren't into the park and mom & dad are working).

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  1. I am glad you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was not that exciting and a challenge always with my foot. This too, shall come to pass.