Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just Thinking......

***I live in a cold part of the country with long this past month, when it's been soooooooo nice and I can walk outside in my 'jammies' or shorts and a tank top, has been HEAVEN. That's probably why I don't get my housework done in the summer. I need to enjoy the sunshine while I can!!! or am I just lazy??? Can anyone else 'relate'?
***The recession has been hard on lots of people, we are lucky and haven't seen any major repercussions, Thank God. I do know people who can't find a job, get a raise, afford insurance, or any extras besides the basic home/shelter/food items, etc. But did you ever think that most of us have money for the things we WANT, whether it is chocolate, crafting supplies, dinner out, vacation, cigarettes, movie, casino, techno gadgets, golfing, new clothes (etc), flowers for our yards, etc. We are blessed that we have discretionary funds to spend on what WE WANT to spend it on. No, we don't have as much as we'd like or as much as we are use to having, but we have more than what we REQUIRE to live on. Think about it.....maybe you can afford it but it's not what you choose to spend your 'extra' money on???? Nothing wrong with that, just the way it is (maybe)??? I think so.

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