Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home grown tomatoes

Yes, they are starting to ripen :-)!!! This is a new one I tried this year: SIBERIA, ideal for short growing seasons, matures in 50 n- 60 days. The leaves are different from my other tomato plants. I love fresh veggies! I hope these are as good as they look. We have a really small back yard and no place for a garden, so every year I plant 3 pots of tomatoes. BLT, here I come!!!!


  1. Why don't you grow a plant inside over winter?You can pollinate it yourself.I used to grow peas in the winter.Wish I had some grow lights in the basement,more room.

  2. never thought of that.........I don't really have a decent spot for that.

  3. YUM!! Every year it seems that I forget how good a tomato tastes until summer comes and I eat that first home grown (or farmer's market) tomato.