Thursday, July 22, 2010

Third Time's a Charm???

The good news is that we've finally hired a new person at work. I've met her and it appears that she will fit in and work out good, time will tell though. She will start the first week in August. This will be the third person since Connie retired in May of 2009, wish me luck! This has been a hectic month for me: I had extra work of my own b/c I took a week off in June, I have an insurance audit coming up, I had to do accounts payable (not my regular job), now I am working on the end of the year reports, and I also have to do what ever else needs to be done. I like to be busy and enjoy the challenge, but it's time to share the workload.

I have a busy week ahead:
Today I am babysitting until about 1, and getting my hair (high lighted or low lighted) later. this is the last Thursday morning I have to babysit, mom is taking time off (baby is due early Sept).
Saturday night grandson J will be here.
Sunday my bff and I are taking a class at Archiver's :-).
Tuesday I have a Stampin' Up party.
Wednesday is my book club.
Thursday I have a massage scheduled..............ahh......:-)
Saturday is Jessica's (step-daughter) wedding.


  1. Not sure who I will make come with me next Sat. but I am coming for awhile.I wish I could party all night but no chance of that.I can't afford a dog sitter.I am torn whether I should force Logan to come with me so I don't come alone,or he should stay home and take care of the dogs.All my friends seem to be busy as of yet.

  2. Sandy, if you come alone, we won't leave you alone!...LOL