Friday, April 9, 2010

What I did today........

My plan for today was to stay home and clean up my stamping area. Since I didn't have to go out I could even stay away from the thrift store. The day started out good, I was up early, read my email, blogged, had a short phone conversation, showered, and dressed. and sister in law called asked if I wanted to go out to I did. We shopped at Kohl's and I helped her save over $100. LOL It was after 3 when I got home so I changed clothes and came downstairs to clean....and got interrupted by the Internet. I finally started to clear off my table when I found this tag from a clothing purchase. It has a clear plastic piece over paper attached with an eyelet. Under the plastic are the pretty circles and a word. I covered the brand name with punched paper circles and layered it onto a card front and am calling it a card. I was going to go back to cleaning my table but my bff called to tell me what the ortho had to say about her ankle...........and now Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is on TV once again no cleaning of my stamping area.
If you don't watch it check out the website and see what he is all about. Don't forget to sign the petition!!!

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