Friday, April 9, 2010

High points and Low points

The other day I was listening to a christian radio program over the noon hour (as usual) and they were discussing ways to talk to your family. You know how your kids say OK or just grunt when you ask about their day at school....the suggestion was to share the low point & high point of your days. My low point yesterday was not being able to balance my bank deposit, I added and re added for hours and even had hubby count money. My high point was in the afternoon when the local radio station called me with a cash call and I WON!!! $21.73 won't make me rich but the last 2 times they called we didn't know it. My high point today was at 2:15 AM when I figured out why the money didn't come out in yesterdays deposit. It had been really bothering me and I woke up and was thinking about low point came at the same time.....I owe the $40 I was off, but at least now it is settled.

Wanna read yet another 'blond' story??? Yesterday I decided to make muffins from a recipe that I copied from a magazine in the library. I mixed it and it was REALLY thin so I figured I must have copied it wrong (1 cup oatmeal and 2 cups milk).......I thought and thought and then baked as directed and it was just as I suspected: very tasty oatmeal for a group of people. So now I will be eating oatmeal for days.
1 C old fashioned oats
1/4 C dried cherries, cranberries, apples (etc)
1 T brown sugar
2 C fat free milk
1/2 C chunky applesauce
1/2 teas almond extract
2 T sliced almonds
Mix everything except the almonds and place in a 3 cup baking pan sprayed with Pam. Sprinkle almonds on top. Bake at 350 (uncovered) for 40 -45 min. top with vanilla yogurt.
It really is good and I hope it reheats well.

I tell all these 'blond stories' because I'd rather have you laugh with me than at me. As a kid I was shy, skinny, and the only redhead in town. I got teased sooooooooooo much and hated it.

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  1. Well sister, I was a little 'blondie' and I was shy too.Oh how things have changed.Now I am a blonde from a box.LOL.