Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's not TOO bad

This is my 'long' weekend, when I have Friday off. I have soooooooooo much to do that it's a good thing, right??? Thursday afternoon I had my grandson, after he went home and hubby left for bowling I sat down in my living room and priced a suitcase full of stamps for the used stamp sale in Sayner. That took me all night! Next weekend is the stamping convention in Sayner. I am going with 2 friends. I really look forward to it!!!

Friday morning I had an eye appointment at Shopko so I took my bff along (the one with the broken ankle) she really needed to get out of the house. I really don't NEED new glasses at this time, but mine are 4 years old, and we don't have insurance.......but I decided to order new ones anyway. I am going to order them on Senior Citizens day and say myself 15%, it's certainly better than nothing.

By the time we left Shopko it was lunch time........I am becoming a "lady who lunches" (Friday night, Sunday aft, Monday aft, Tuesday night, and now Friday aft again). We ate at Wendy's...both of us were counting our pennies.

After we ate we hit Goodwill, my friend and I are avid thrift shoppers and since she can not walk we are limited where we can go. After a couple of hours and bargains later we were both 'done' and just went home. AHA, what did you get at Goodwill you ask???? Four rubber stamps (4 for $5). I made the card below using one of my new stamps (I am not sure if I like the IMAGINE). I also picked up a pair of BB shorts for my nephew (clearanced for .99), 2 soup bowls that match my dishes, new & adorable photo frame that says "what happens at Grandmas stays at Grandmas", a darling pink purse photo book for my granddaughter (when a grandchild stays with me I make a photo book for them to keep), a really cool book for my grandson, and of course, a chocolate candy bar for the ride home. I did need to replenish my energy, right????

Oh no, the day is not over yet, ...........hubby had to go to Walmart to get a phone battery for the older neighbor lady he helps out. So I decided to go with him to buy a hula hoop for one of my granddaughter's birthday gifts. I picked up groceries while we were there too. I would have liked to look around a little more but hubby was ready to go 5 minutes after we got there, he had what he wanted and was finished shopping.

After we got home I packed all the groceries away and reheated some leftovers for myself, hubby was not hungry. I watched most of JAMIE OLIVER'S FOOD REVOLUTION (I missed the last 10 minutes b/c I came downstairs to make a card and the TV in the basement would not get the channel it was on. I will watch it on HULU You can watch nearly anything there, for free!

I have been stressed b/c I have so much to do and I am never home but when I am I am babysitting and nothing gets done. If only I didn't have so many hobbies or any grandkids my house would be spotless and I could relax all the time. But what fun would that be???? Guess I will keep my hobbies and grandkids!!!!!

This afternoon is J's birthday party, he will come home with us b/c he always stays overnight on Saturday nights here. He stays here Saturday nights, his brother stays at the other grandparents, one of my granddaughters stays at her other grandmas on Saturday nights. That NEVER happened when I was raising my kids........where did I go wrong??? Before we know it they will grow up and be too 'cool' for grandma & grandpa so I will enjoy the bonding time while I can.

Next week will be just as busy. I am thankful that I am able to do all that I have been. I will get as much housework done as I can and it will be fine. Life is good!!!

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