Monday, April 5, 2010

No Parents Allowed and on and on........

OK, first of all I will admit that I have control issues........I like to be in control of "my" plans. Secondly I'll say that I will go along with others ideas, unless it is "my" plan.

Saturday night J & I colored Easter eggs.........grandpa refused. I was pleased when J chose to put on a cross sticker on one of the eggs first 'to remind us of Jesus'.

We had a nice Easter.........I guess. It was good to have some of the kids & grandkids here. I really wish I could have ALL of my kids and grandkids here!!!!

Grandson J & I went to church. While we were at church hubby hid the eggs for the hunt (after our Easter egg hunt 'talk' - see my first statement). I made a simple buffet dinner of ham, turkey, scalloped potatoes, cheesy potatoes, corn, rolls, broccoli/cauliflower salad, deviled eggs. Jessica and Michele brought food also. My kitchen is narrow and too small to have people hangin' out in. I am glad they want to, but it makes me nuts. I'm muttering: "I hate this, I'm never doing this again" as I pull out (of the oven) cheesy potatoes and scalloped potatoes that didn't turn out. I burned a dozen rolls. BUT since I always have extra food I did have enough. :-) After eating we did the egg hunt, I decided that M (19 mos) should go first, then J, and a couple of minutes later the two 6 yr old boys. They boys each had 16 eggs to find.......but when did I say the parents got to go???? I distinctly thought the parents were only to help after the boys searched for next year NO PARENTS ALLOWED.

I think everyone had a good time, even me. The guys played cards in the family room....where the toys are, so most of the time the kids were down there. We, gals, were quite pleased to have some peace and quiet in which to visit (after 6 years of kids, kids, kids interrupting) in the living room. With the help of Michele I got all of the dishes done and the kitchen mostly clean (the floor will get cleaned today).

Guess what??? No kids today! I love my grandkids, I really do! but sometimes I need a day to do what I NEED to do.....and today is it. I had hoped to have coffee/tea with a friend, but her son is on spring break this week so that plan fell flat.

This weeks agenda: Monday - run errands, clean, etc
Tuesday - work and Red Hats in the evening
Wednesday - work and babysit in the evening
Thursday - pick up J at 11 and babysit all afternoon
Friday - another free day Woo Hoo

P.S. After reading the recipe for the 4th time I figured out why my cheesy potatoes were really runny..........the recipe called for 2 pounds of hash browns, not 2 cups. I thought 2 cups was not much but I reread it and it said 2 cups (or so I thought).

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