Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sometimes I Get Out

To be honest I am a fair weather friend, I like sunshine and warms temps. That means when it's been chilly (like for the past month) if I don't have to go out I don't get dressed.....or is that just lazy???? our deck is very private and sometimes I sit outside in my bathrobe...now, don't judge.
Last friday, while some of my friends went away for the weekend, Carla and I went out for lunch at the new Mexican restaurant in town. It's very popular, our small city needs it!
I felt good, I looked good, and it was warm when we left....cooler when I got home. We had a good time!

 We could have posed with the guy or a gal....I never even noticed the girl until we were on the way out.
Our cute, little waiter asked to be photographed with us. 

the last practice for a few weeks
en pointe

 She got her hair cut (and donated it), Claire didn't want to. The girls like it long for dance.

I still get pretty cards.

The home health care nurse is coming later this morning to empty my drain....so I must get dressed. 
It is 46 and rainy out..............the rain is taking a break at the moment but is predicted for the whole day. We were hoping the rain would hold off for a day b/c grandson J has a Confederate war reenactment today. I was quite surprised when he called last night to wish me Happy Mother's Day. He had forgotten to do so on Sunday....I am impressed and hope I had something to do with that thoughtfulness. He also invited me to a couple of school concerts. I don't get gifts because I teach the children that it is not the gift that counts, but the thought. We had such a nice, long, talk.....all 48 minutes. He likes to talk to me b/c I treat him like a person, not a little kid. He's 11 and growing up so fast. Earlier this year his teacher told me that he has grown so much this past school year.
One of the things he said was that he wished he could remain 8 years old. Why? Because he came over every weekend and that was before my cancer.
the end


  1. For some unknown reason the photos on this post didn't show up for me, but you did a wonderful job describing it all so I was still able to enjoy all your "news". Hope the rain stops soon.

  2. Nice pics Linda! And as for you not getting dressed....first of all, you earned it by being able to retire. (although your retirement when the wrong direction)There are days when I lay around in sweats, and I feel like I am lazy, but I know I am not, I feel like doo-doo(pain).

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  4. Sweet visit with your friend, wish I was there too:) Little ones bless our hearts, don't they? Hope you are feeling well today dear friend, HUGS!

  5. I'm glad you felt well and got out of the house...AND you went to my new favorite restaurant! My absolute fave food is Mexican and now we don't have to drive up to Tuscon's in Green Bay to enjoy an awesome meal.
    When you beat cancer again keep that hat, it looks great on you.
    I think this granddaughter in particular is a clone of you. Beautiful girls!

  6. You and Carla must have had a great time considering the waiter requesting a photo with you! Good job! Great pictures! You have had EVERYTHING to do with Jalen's good qualities! So glad that he was able to call you and speak that long. Where were THEY?

  7. Always, ALWAYS, reading you well written blogs. Loved being part of this one. Clair looks beautiful en pointe......graceful, poised.....much like her Grandma. Loved Jalen's comments to you, he is such a kind and loving spirit......so are you.

  8. Oh my, I am glad you had a fun day out.
    I will say, that last part of your post made me cry. Sending hugs!

  9. I'm a homebody so see nothing wrong with staying in. I also don't like cold weather very much. Though it's now getting a bit too hot here which means I am stuck inside more and do wish it was a little cooler so I could at least wander a bit in the morning. Going out to eat with a friend is always good reason to get dressed.

  10. How fun you went out to lunch with a friend. I do that too. Once a week I often stay home and only go out for a walk. It is a treat to stay home every so often. What a kind thing for your grandson to say.