Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pictures From My Life

Beautiful miniature rose from my bff and her sister. I'll be a couple of weeks before I can put it outside.

These short stories make a person feel really good! They are very similar to the Chicken Soup books, and I received this gift from another friend. I was extremely emotional the other day and had to stop reading because I got all teary eyed. I'm over that now.

What grandma wouldn't love this pretty necklace?

I am not a teddy bear person..........but in the last 2 years I'v accumulated a few of them and each one has a special meaning for me.

This gorgeous, paper napkin, lotus,  candy dish is one of the favors we had at our Red Hat Anniversary Party. They are adorable!
I wasn't able to attend but Deb brought cupcakes and the favors over for me. Thanks!

These are just some of the photos of what's happening in my life.
I received gifts because last saturday was my birthday...............yes, I am on Medicare now. 
Yes, big expensive gifts are nice............but it's not about impressing anyone. It's about the gift of  my favorite soda, my favorite tea, it's about the thoughtfulness, the Grandma Is Special bear.
Sunday was my mom's birthday. I will never forget.

I am glad she is rejoicing in heaven and not here to see me. Love you mom!!!

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  1. You may not believe it, but mom does SEE you and she can be with you too at times. Talk out loud to her.