Thursday, May 12, 2016

Just A Few Thoughts On Thursday

*This has been a long, cold, boring spring. We desperately need sunshine and at least 60 degree temps.

*Fortunately this chemo is quite different compared to my last one. In 2014 the chemo was a my body and to some of the cancer cells. I am fatigued but not totally out of it. So far I have eyelashes and fingernails. I have to be sure to put Aquaphor on my nails to keep them hydrated.

*I finally remembered to talk to dr about my peripheral nueropathy (drop foot in right foot) and he looked at me and the first thing he said was "Don't cross your legs". I, then, remembered that it was what he and the therapist said to me 2 years ago. So I will become the 'uncross your legs' police again and see if that helps. Two years ago I'd tell everyone. So for now, I move in slow motion.

*I've also decided that if I don't want to wear a turban or hat at home, I won't. If others don't like it they can put at blindfold on, agree? It doesn't matter. 

*Time to get dressed for my lunch date with my boys. Today is the last time for bookmunchers (at school) with the students so Deb and I are attending. I have to make 2 different stops for their lunches, but it's ok. They get about 15 minutes to read and then we eat. I can, now, stand and put some make up on. Before it was such an effort to clean up and put make up on. It was nice not to have to wash it off tho.....I'm getting lazy. ha ha ha

Have a good day!!!!
Thanks for stopping in. 


  1. Continued prayers as you continue to LIVE life and regain your health - once again!!

  2. Hi Linda, I have been praying for you and thinking about you. I am glad you remember the things you have learned with your battle. Good to be seeing the kids isn't it? I helped my daughter this week, with her class. I just love those kids. Blessings.xxoo, Susie

  3. My Dad had Peripheral Neuropathy for YEARS! I hope you get some relief! I am late reading but I know you enjoyed your day with Family yesterday:)

  4. I hope your treatment will be completely successful this time. How good to hang out with your boys.

  5. You are right about the cold spring. It seems that we are heading into early winter rather than late spring. I pray for the treatments to help you